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The Impact Series - DisruptX

Education to energy efficiency, food security to healthcare, business transformation to developing sustainable solutions, and the impact of technology in all spheres of life and work is exponential. The ‘Impact Series’ of Disrupt X, as the name suggests, will focus on how technologies are driving societal changes to build a more agile, inclusive, and sustainable world for future generations.

The Impact Series will touch upon how technology is being used for good across industries world-over and focus on how technology positively impacts the good of people and the planet, throwing the spotlight on businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs leveraging tech4 good.

These and more such crucial questions will be addressed throughout the Impact Series.

Episode 1:

Future of Agritech

With the world’s population expected to touch the 10- billion mark in 2050, smart farming technologies are proving to be ‘the’ answer to feed a hotter and more crowded world by maximising production while minimising negative impact.

Our Speakers:

Yousef Hamidaddin

Yousef Hamidaddin

Managing Partner at VentureX Board Member – Hassad

Farah Emara

Farah Emara

Co-founder of FreshSource

Ravishankar G Shiroor

Ravishankar G Shiroor

COO of Stellapps Technologies

Nikita Patel, Founder, Oasis Greens

Nikita Patel

Founder of Oasis Greens

Yousef Hamidaddin Interview -
DisruptX Impact series

Episode 1 – Watch an interesting episode with Yousef Hamidaddin, Managing Partner – VentureX & Board Member – Hassad, discussing the evolution of and investor interest in the MENA agritech space.

Farah Emara Interview -
DisruptX Impact Series

Episode 2 – Farah Emara, CEO and Co-founder of FreshSource has shared her thoughts on how the MENA agritech landscape has evolved over the past five years.

Ravishankar Shiroor Interview - DisruptX Impact Series

Episode 3 – Ravishankar Shiroor, Co-founder and COO of Stellapps technologies, discusses how fintech and cold chain technologies are revolutionising the dairy supply chain in India.

Nikita Patel Interview - DisruptX Impact Series

Episode 4 – Nikita Patel, Founder of Oasis Greens speaks about how technology, regulations and investments are working together to enhance food production in a region.

Episode 2:

Future of Edtech

Ensuring an inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning are among the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. And in this episode, we have discussed how the edtech landscape is facilitating this goal. We have discussed the state of current offerings, sectoral growth, challenges and future trends in the edtech industry. 

Our Speakers:

shameema parveen - disruptx edtech episode speaker -

Shameema Parveen

Co-Founder & CEO - Edutech - Middle East & India. Co-Chair, TiE Women Global

Afnan Ali - Future of edtech episode - disruptx speaker

Afnan Ali

Founder & General Manager for Eureka Tech Academy

esha khurshid - future of edtech episode - disruptx speaker

Esha Khurshid

Chief Visionary Officer of Key2enable Assistive Technology.

Episode 2 - Future of Edtech

Discussion Panel – Watch an interesting discussion on the state of current offerings, sectoral growth, challenges and future trends in the edtech industry.

Esha Khurshid Interview - Disruptx Impact Series

Let’s understand this “By leveraging tech pieces such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and humanoid robots, among others, the education is becoming increasingly inclusive and accessible”.

Episode 3:

Future of Femtech

Femtech refers to technologies focused on women’s health and well-being, solutions transforming the way women access healthcare. A subset of medical technology, products and services addressing women’s health including menstruation and period care, contraception and fertility, pregnancy and post-pregnancy, breastfeeding, pelvic health, menopause, hormonal disorders and sexual wellness, among others… It wouldn’t be wrong to say femtech is a new wave of healthcare for women.

Our Speakers:


Geetha Manjunath

CEO and Founder, Niramai Health Analytix


Chanda Lokendra Kundnaney

Founder, LiZZOM Care


Mashal Waqar

Managing Director, Milestone Ventures

Episode 3 - Future of Femtech

In this episode, we will focus on femtech, a term coined in 2016 by entrepreneur Ida Tin.
A market that’s estimated to be worth $103 billion globally by 2030 from around $51 billion in 2021. While regionally, the industry is projected to be worth $3.8 billion by 2031.

Episode 4:

The Fintech Revolution

There’s been a significant rise in demand for safe and contactless financial services including online payments, digital wallets, mobile banking and online fund transfers catalysing the MENA fintech sector. A market that’s set to surpass $3.5 billion.

During this conversation we have discussed key factors driving the industry forward; how technology will reshape the future of fintech, regulatory situation in the region and more.

Our Speakers:

Padmini Gupta

Co-founder and CEO, XARE

Arvind Krishnamurthy

Vice President – Global Product Owner, Emirates NBD

Episode 4 - The Fintech Revolution

During this conversation we will discuss key factors driving the industry forward; how technology will reshape the future of fintech, regulatory situation in the region and more.