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Tech-focused virtual talk series

DisruptX is a virtual talk series conceptualised by Misonika FZ LLE that aims to bring awareness about how disruptive technologies impact and revolutionise every industry.

With an engaging and informative talk series, DisruptX explores how technology is revolutionising every sector from health, real estate, food, and fashion to energy, agriculture, education and so much more.

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What Inspires Us?

The rate of technological change is accelerating. It’s unpredictable and unprecedented but it is also inevitable; with every organisation now having to invest in cloud-based technologies to stay ahead of their peers.  The key to surviving this fourth ‘industrial revolution’ is paving its way.

That requires two key elements of agile businesses: awareness of disruptive technology and a plan to develop talent that can make the most of it. Not every emerging technology will alter the business or social landscape – but some truly do have the potential to disrupt the status quo, alter the way people live and work and rearrange value pools.

Technology has become the primary force of disruption across all sectors and it’s going to unleash unprecedented innovation and growth in the decade ahead.

Among top technology trends in 2021, we expect to see the rapid growth of cybersecurity and huge demand for cloud services in addition to growth in contactless retail as well as mobile internet.

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a fusion of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), genetic engineering, quantum computing and more.

The acceleration of digital adoption today brings us to the question, Is this the beginning? Smart watches, smart homes, contactless payment, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, tourism in space, what next?

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Meet Our Crew

Upasna Barua

Producer and Editor in Chief, DisruptX

Rupkatha Bhowmick

Rupkatha Bhowmick

Independent Journalist and Editor, DisruptX