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The Revolution Series - DisruptX

An engaging and informative talk series, DisruptX will explore how technology is revolutionising every sector from
retail, health, real estate, food, and fashion to energy, agriculture, education and much more.

Episode 1:

Technology Reshaping The Health Space

Do you want to know how tech is transforming the health space – from hospital management to improving women and mental health?
Then watch this engaging and inspiring conversation on how technology is reshaping the health space.

Our Speakers:


Khawla Hammad

Founder & CEO, Takalam


Dr. Manvir Singh Walia

Chief Operating Officer
Thumbay University Hospital


Sophie Smith

Founder & CEO, Nabta Health


Rachel McArthur

Founder and Managing Editor Digital Ink Media

Episode 2:

"Tech" Retail Forward​

This episode focus on areas gaining increased prominence to create frictionless and optimized retail experiences such as tech in frictionless shopping, on-demand retail, wearables in retail, voice commerce & more.

Our Speakers:


Ashish Panjabi

COO, Jacky’s Business Solutions


Ramit Harisinghani

General Manager MENA, b8ta


Stevi Lowmass

Founder & Owner, The Camel Soap Factory

Episode 3:

Future of Food Technology

This episode brings together international foodpreneurs, techpreneurs and experts to explore the ‘Future of Foodtech’ and touch upon how tech pieces assist the latest innovation in agriTech and what lies ahead.

Our Speakers:


Tapan Vaidya

CEO, PJP Investments Group LLC

Avi taflia a speaker from disruptX

Adi Taflia

Head of AI and Algorithm, Tevel


Ian Ohan

Founder & CEO, KRUSH Brands


Henry Gordon-Smith

Founder & CEO, Agritecture

Episode 4:

Future-Proofing with AI

Future-Proofing with AI will be all about AI and its application across industries. Watch this episode to get an overall idea about the roadblocks and opportunities in implementing AI.

Our Speakers:

Roberto Croci

Roberto Croci

Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups Middle East, Turkey & Pakistan


Prashant K. Gulati

President Emeritus, TiE Dubai

Romit D.

Romit Dasgupta

Founder, AI Workspace

Episode 5:

The Future of the Digital Asset Ecosystem

Digital assets are taking the world by storm in the process of transforming the global financial and investment landscape. The future of the digital asset ecosystem will be all about the current state and trends of the digital ecosystem.

Our Speakers:

james fick

James Fick

Chief Commercial Officer & Co-founder, Vaultavo


Waleed Rassuli

Managing Director, Tezos Gulf


Jamil Abu-Wardeh

Director and Co-founder of METKAF.com

Episode 6:

Exploring Tech Shifts in Travel & Hospitality

As the use of technology is accelerating across hospitality and travel sectors, the May episode of Disrupt X will focus on how to leverage the Internet of Things solutions for ease of experience, use of contactless technologies, the rise of voice search and control and use of robots for hotel and restaurant services.

Our Speakers:


Naim Maadad

Chief Executive & Founder, Gates Hospitality


Ralph Melis

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, ExploreTech

mai shalaby

Mai Shalaby

COO and Co-Founder at Kwentra


Michael Schäffner

VP Sales EMEA at Duetto