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Fueling Tech Innovation Tech Discussions
Fueling Tech Innovation
Explore the latest technology-related conversations and discussions that drive innovation in your industry in DisruptX.
Tech Discussions
DisruptX will focus on how technology is driving societal changes to build a sustainable world for future generations.


Virtual Talk Series

DisruptX is a platform built to facilitate relevant and meaningful conversations about disruptive technologies.

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DisruptX - Virtual Talk Series

Revolution Series - DisruptX

Latest discussions and conversations on disruptive technologies with industry professionals

An engaging and informative talk series, DisruptX explores how technology is revolutionising every sector from retail, health, Artificial Intelligence, real estate, food, and fashion to energy, travel and hospitality, agriculture, cryptocurrency, education and much more.

From embracing technology to enhancing customer experience or solving some of humanity’s pressing issues, DisruptX brings to you the most relevant and inspiring stories.

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“Tech” ing Retail Forward

The tech that positively disrupts the retail industry.


Future of Food Tech

Trend shifts that reshaping the food industry.


Future-Proofing with AI

AI powering cutting-edge solutions.


The Future of Digital Asset

Transforming the global financial landscape.

healthcare technology

Reshaping the Health Space

with healthcare industry market outlook 2021

tech shift in health

Tech shifts in travel & hospitality

Opportunities of tech pieces in travel and hospitality

Impact Series - DisruptX

DisruptX agritech icon

Future of Agritech

How smart farming technologies can feed a more crowded world without any negative impact.

future of edtech icon from the disruptx- virtual talk series

Future of Edtech

Focuses on how technology is being used as a force for good in the education sector.

Future of Femtech

Learn more about the future of femtech in the MENA region and beyond.

finetch - disruptx

The Fintech Revolution

key factors driving the industry forward; how technology will reshape the future of fintech

DisruptX Impact Series will touch upon how technology is being used for good across industries.

Impact Series from DisruptX will focus on how technology is driving societal changes to build a more agile, inclusive and sustainable world for future generations.

And will focus on how technology positively impacts the good of people and the planet, throwing the spotlight on businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs leveraging tech4 good.

Up Close and Exclusive

Transformation Stories

DisruptX by Misonika is all set to give our audience exclusive access to the personal journeys and viewpoints of leading business executives. During a 15-minute video podcast with host Brooke Hall, guests will have the opportunity to share their transformative stories and discuss the impact of technology in their industries. Be part of the DisruptX community, and be part of the dialogue through conversations, personal anecdotes, and inspiring experiences. 

We look forward to getting up close and exclusive with you. 


About Disrupt X

DisruptX by Misonika

An engaging and informative talk series, DisruptX explores how technology is revolutionising every sector from health, real estate, food, and fashion to energy, agriculture, education and so much more.

The episodes are curated to encourage conversations and discussions on how technology is transforming the business landscape while positively driving human connections

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DisruptX - Testimonials

Speakers words about DisruptX

"DisruptX is an example of a great program. We can do more of these things and I am really very thankful for the opportunity."

Yousef Hamidaddin
Yousef Hamidaddin
Managing Partner of The VentureX and Board Member of Hassad
"It was a pleasure to be a part of DisruptX. I truly enjoyed the conversation on AI and look forward to being in touch for further collaborations!"
Roberto Croci
Roberto Croci
Ex- Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups Middle East
“Thank u for including me in the food tech episode of DisruptX. It's a really nice platform & well done on the show.”

Ian Ohan
Founder of KRUSH
“Thank you for having me on DisruptX! Looking forward to staying in touch.All the best for future episodes.”

Sophie Smith
Founder & CEO, Nabta Health
"DisruptX was one of the best organized virtual panel discussions that I have participated in the last two years. Great job!"

Ramit Harisinghani
General Manager, B8ta
"It was a pleasure to be part of it. What a lovely series (great idea!) and looking forward to checking out your future projects 🙂 keep us posted!"
Rachel McArthur
Founder and Managing Editor, Digital Ink Media
“Thank you again for having me on the launch episode of DisruptX, it’s been a pleasure.”

Khawla Hammad
Founder & CEO, Takalam
"Well done, DisruptX on organising and making this tech discussion happen."

Jamil Abu-Wardeh
Director and Co-founder, METKAF.com
“It was a pleasure to join the retail episode of DisruptX”.

Ashish Panjabi
COO, Jacky’s Group of Companies