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Impact Series Disrupt X

27 June 2022
Mon 27,  10:00 pm - Jun 27,  2:06 pm
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Education to energy efficiency, food security to healthcare, business transformation to developing sustainable solutions, and the impact of technology in all spheres of life and work is exponential. The ‘Impact Series’ of Disrupt X, as the name suggests, will focus on how technologies are driving societal changes to build a more agile, inclusive, and sustainable world for future generations.

The Impact Series will touch upon how technology is being used for good across industries world-over and l focus on how technology positively impacts the good of people and the planet, throwing the spotlight on businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs leveraging tech for good.

  • How will technology shape future human behavior? 
  • How will it impact the future of work and life for the next generations?
  • Why is technology pivotal in transforming fintech, ed-tech, health tech, food tech, Agri tech, fashion, and more industries?
  • What is the role of technology in ensuring data security, and in creating sustainable solutions for various industries?

These and more such crucial questions will be addressed throughout the Impact Series.